There are plenty more behind the scenes but leading the team are...

Andy Gibson

Andy Gibson

Andy is a very successful professional punter and a well-known racing pundit having appeared regularly on William Hill radio, RUK and At The Races. He is also the face behind The Cheltenham Trail and has extensive industry connections.

He has owned multiple race winners and so is very well placed to both choose the club's horses and will be doing the race planning for their campaigns.

Nick McKenna

Nick drew the short straw! A Director of Cleeve since it was launched in 2011 he is tasked with making sure the club runs smoothly and is totally transparent from a financial perspective. he has been a member of various syndicates for many years he certainly knows how NOT to run a club and his key aim is to make the ownership experience as transparent, immersive and enjoyable as possible for all the members.

Micky Hammond blank small

Micky Hammond

Micky has developed into one of the top northern trainers over the past 20 years. With a reputation for improving horses, he is an ideal choice for the club as shown by his innovative approach to becoming a key part of the team.