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Ticket Allocations

I had a chat with Andy this morning and based on the weather forecast Royal Village’s participation looks to be less than 50/50 but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Wetherby have said that we are guaranteed 4 tickets if he runs and might be able to get hold of a couple of extras, but it brought the method of ticket allocation to the fore. The way that we will deal with limited tickets to give everyone a fair crack is to:

divide every whole share into units of 4 (some members have 1.5 shares, some have more) which would give someone with 1.5 shares… 6 units in the draw.

each member will have their units entered into a random draw and the first 4 drawn (in this case) will get tickets and we will also draw 2 reserves in case we can get extras.

if you are drawn and we have a runner so you go to the track, you will not be put back in the draw until all members have seen one of our horses run.

if there are spare tickets after the draw has been made then they will be dished out on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

if you win a ticket and subsequently can’t go we will leave it to you to get rid of it to another member.

we don’t want to be too restrictive, and also acknowledge that the above gives no scope for partners, but in the current situation, we had to come up with something.

The Racecourse and COVID-19

Obviously the racecourse has to clearly abide by the government guidelines even if they are not clear!

If you live in an area designated tier 3 then you are not allowed to travel outside your area to go to the races, you are also not allowed to socialise outside your household bubble… so I guess that’s you out.

If you are Tiers 1 or 2, then as far as I can tell you can go to the track but the government ‘advises’ making the minimum amount of journeys so it’s your choice. There is also the ‘rule of 6’ to consider.

As far as I know, there is no mandatory requirement from the racecourses as to qualifying attending owners, but each one may have their rules so we will contact the course to check whenever we have a confirmed runner. I am also checking with the BHA and Weatherbys to see what advice they have.

clear as mud?

Doors Closing

It was agreed that the doors would close to new members with the club’s first runner which is imminent. Some of you have verbally committed to extra funds and I will be following this up in the next couple of days (I know who you are and where you live!). Although we didn’t like the look of anything at the last sales we have another sale on December 4th and have plenty of feelers out for another private sale, so funds are still very important to us.

Once the doors have closed your share allocation will be confirmed and a statement of costs and expenditure to date will be published, along with confirmation of funds still in the bank. We do not preclude taking advantage of new opportunities as they unfold, but this will either be done a) within the membership, b) by agreement of the membership.

and finally a caveat…

This is all new to me and I am trying to the best I can to be fair to one and all… regardless of the size of your investment (as your wives will tell you, bigger doesn’t always mean better). If you think there are ways that could be improved or anything has been left out then please email me and let me know… I would like the chance to respond/defend myself before anything is put on the group thread…

to infinity and beyond!

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