The normal costs of racing are  responsible for a significant percentage of the funds raised by most syndicates.

This is a double-edged sword as it not only drains funds but reduces the amount available to spend at the sales, which means that they cannot target horses of a higher quality as their funds don't allow it.

As we pay no fees we can buy better class horses and win more races, it's as simple as that!

the cost of joining the club is £3,000 with nothing more to pay for the entire 2-year lifespan of the club. At the end of this time all the prize money won and and resale from horses moved on will be distributed between the members pro-rata to their shareholdings.

there is a one-off £150 contingency fee per share too cover anything that crops up that we haven't considered... to be fair their usually is! If this is not used it will be returned to members as part of the clubs assets.