The Club Costs Explained

racing costs

What the hell does all that mean!

The image above shows what we believe the normal racing costs should be for each horse assuming 6 runs per season then extrapolated to cover 2 years.

On this basis have deducted £7,000 for each horse from the initial funds raised, which added to the agreement with Micky for no training fees, means that all the costs of racing are covered for the full two years of the club's lifespan for members. Micky is charging no training fees but instead his incentives are 100% aligned with those of the members. Micky will get 60% of all net prize money we receive and a 33% of any net proceeds from the resale of the Club's horses.

In other words Micky only makes any money from the club if our horses win money... and guess what so do do we. And the more races they win the more likely there will be buyer interest and we if this happens all end up making even more money!.